Real time fever screening

Human Termography | IoT | Embedded | Image Processing

Remote Infrared Monitoring Manufacturer

Services Provided

Embedded Software Development, Data Science & Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing

Project Overview

The client wanted to augment their core business offering with tools that analyze Human thermography in real-time to provide safer environments on manufacturing floors.

Product End Users
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Health Professionals
  • Human Resources

A real time human thermography monitoring platform recognizing and accounting for various heat signatures ensuring production floor worker safety


NXP i.MX6Q, Linux, Yocto framework, AWS IoT Core, AWS Greengas, Python, Numpy, OpenCV

Scope & Custom Software

Human Thermography, Face Recognition, Face Detection, Temperature Detection, Real Time Video Analysis, Employee Management System, On-premise, cloud Based system

Business Impact Highlights

Real time thermal monitoring, Computer Vision Modeling, Image Recognition & Tracking, Monitoring platform to promote employee safety.

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