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Would you build a house without a blueprint?

Building software is a lot like building a house. There's lots of moving parts, multiple stakeholders and details to be considered. Its exceedingly important to get a clear understanding of who your customers are, how technology can help them, and the most effective path to building a product that maximizes value, within the budget.

What makes our approach to workshops so effective?

A detailed blueprint is directly proportional to a successful project outcome. This is where our combined 50+ years of software consultancy and solution architecting comes into play.

Before we begin we always determine the most effective workshop and build a team that can hit the ground running.

Industry Experts

The team we assemble has a clear understanding of how technology is used in your industry.

100% Remote

We have built a unique framework that ensures collaboration is effortless and visibility is never obscured.

Subject Matter Experts

Our team has a unique combination of technical and business expertise to advise the most efficient ways to achieve your goals.

Incredible Value

Our goal is to have you ask yourself, ``How was it possible to deliver so much for the amount I paid``.

Domain Diversity

Domain expertise including data science, mobile, mixed reality, and blockchain to name a few.

Getting started is easy

Our process is extremely effective in ensuring you get the right workshop, the perfect team, and the right plan to ensure your product comes to life
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    Free consult

    Get on a video call with our experts. We will synthesize your idea, provide you with key insights and outline the next steps.

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    Customized proposal

    Receive a personalized proposal detailing the exact process, your subject matter experts, agenda, and deliverables.

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    Flexible and accomodating to your schedule. We use common tools to facilitate collaboration, ideation, and design.

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    Ready 2 Go

    We present you with a 10 - 15-page report with multiple development options to work with us or your own team.

Get to know some of our workshops

We offer a variety of custom workshops tailored for specific client needs. During discovery, we'll determine which workshop is best for you. Take a look and feel free to request our workshop package that will clearly outline the agenda, key stakeholders, costs, sample reports, and deliverables.

Blockchain Blueprint Workshop

A 2 day workshop to help you identify and implement
the most appropriate blockchain solution for your goals
  • Test whether blockchain is appropriate
  • Value prop analysis
  • Prep use cases to design critical features
  • 5 – 10 page project report
  • Draft project plan
  • Detailed line-item estimations
  • Research findings on technology recommendations

Scoping and Estimation

A half-day meeting that takes a deep dive into your product requirements.
  • Product development roadmap
  • Stakeholder mapping & customer user flows
  • Technology recommendations
  • Team: Product Owner, Sr. Architect, UI/UX
  • 5 – 10 page project report
  • Detailed line-item estimations

Product Design Sprint

A 5-day workshop to build and test all the fundamentals of your app.
  • Product development roadmap
  • Detailed estimations for app provisioning
  • UX research, expert interviews and client interviews
  • 12 – 15 page project report
  • User personas & user story creation
  • Clickable prototype

Data Strategy Workshop

A workshop to define your data collection and preparation strategy.
  • Data strategy roadmap
  • North star metric and KPI analysis
  • Event store & data architecture
  • 8 – 10 page project report
  • AI data lake architecture & external data analysis
  • Machine Learning roadmap

Computer Vision Workshop

2-day workshop to help define your computer vision strategy
using Intel Open Vino Virtual Lab.
  • Computer vision strategy roadmap
  • Model feasibility study
  • Video and data analysis
  • 5 – 10-page project report
  • Architecture recommendations
  • Computer vision model roadmap

WordPress MVP Workshop

A half-day meeting that takes a deep dive into your project requirements.
  • Define goals and functionalities
  • Review user roles and journeys
  • Technical requirements
  • A 5 – 10 page project overview
  • Technology recommendations
  • Detailed line-item estimations

Code Audit Workshop

A half-day meeting to get a clear understanding of your tech stack,
code issues, and product road map.
  • Best practices and code viability study
  • Deep analysis of technologies and frameworks
  • Data security assessment
  • 5 – 10 page analysis report
  • Recommended architecture and infrastructure
  • Estimations on code remediation

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