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Our workshop process rapidly matches product innovators with the perfect team and the right plan to successfully deliver the tech they need. We call it Solution Engineering.

The Fastest Path to Successful Software

Hyper-focused workshops get technology projects moving fast.

Our most popular workshops:

Product Vision & Roadmap

Not sure how to turn your idea into software? Need solid time and cost estimates?

The Product Vision & Roadmap workshop gives you the answers you need and gets your team headed in the right direction. We’ll help align your team, set clear goals, and map out a plan for success.

You’ll leave this workshop with a comprehensive understanding of your product vision, strategy, goals, and a prioritized plan for the development of your software, ensuring that what we build matches the needs of your users.

TIMEFRAME2 – 4 weeks
MEETINGS2 Remote Sessions
DURATION72 – 120 Hours
  • Detailed discovery phase
  • Ideation techniques such as event storming
  • Design sprint activities

AI / GPT Co-pilots and Chatbots

For businesses or teams looking to step into AI, the Steadynamic Co-pilot Proof of Concept Workshop designs then builds a working PoC ChatGPT integration tailored to your unique use-case.

First we learn about your business and goals, and review relevant use cases for ChatGPT. Then we analyze your existing infrastructure and proprietary data in order to recommend the best way to integrate ChatGPT into your business.

Then we build a private Co-Pilot proof-of-concept to test and validate.

  • 2 Weeks for
    Impact Mapping Workshop
  • 3 to 6 Weeks
    for Co-Pilot PoC
MEETINGS2 Remote Sessions
TECHNOLOGY TEAMLead AI Engineer, ML Engineer, Business Analyst, & Delivery Manager

Impact Mapping Workshop

Co-Pilot PoC

Smart Manufacturing

Our Smart Manufacturing Pathfinder Workshop was built to identify and validate the feasibility of implementing AI and Machine Learning to create custom smart manufacturing processes and controls.

It’s ideal for companies who have identified business objectives but need a clear understanding of what’s required to implement a solution, an assessment of the current technology landscape and a recommendation of the best path forward to begin seeing ROI from Smart Manufacturing techniques.

TIMEFRAME2.5 weeks
MEETINGS2 days @ 2  hours
+ 3 days @ 1 hour workshop
TECHNOLOGY TEAMProject Manager, Solutions Architect, Software Architect, Data Engineer

Web3 Pathfinder

You know the problem and you can see the solution. Our Web3 Pathfinder workshop gives you the technical clarity and road map to build it.

Designed to verify and test the feasibility of novel ideas and provide a path forward to product development, this workshop will give you everything you need to get started.

Deliverables include a Blockchain Solution Feasibility & Technology Analysis, our Project Tech Stack Report, a complete feature breakdown, necessary developer profiles, a project timeline and more.

MEETINGS2 x 3 hours
each workshop sessions
TECHNOLOGY TEAMPhD Researcher, Blockchain Architect, 1-2 R&D Engineers

Game Design

Our Game Development Workshops offer a transformative experience, equipping you with the tools to bring your game vision to life.

We’ll focus on key elements like game mechanics, gameplay varieties, and art style to establish a solid foundation for successful game development. Refining these aspects will captivate players on a profound level, delivering immersive gameplay and fulfilling their wildest fantasies.

@ 4 hours workshop
TECHNOLOGY TEAM Game Designer, Gaming  Biz Development Manager
PRICE $12,000

AR/VR and Mixed Reality

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Code Audits and
Technology Assessments

Sometimes projects stall out or go sideways. The Steadynamic Code Audit and Code Rescue solutions are a way to take back control of your software project.

We’ll conduct a combination of a discovery workshop, product audit and technical audit to analyze your code. When complete we’ll deliver a detailed report of our findings.

Using a holistic approach, we’ll assess the total value and risks in your software. We’ll determine if we can optimize your code and development process to ensure your product is delivering maximum value in the most efficient way.

MEETINGS 2 hour kickoff workshop
+ Findings  review
TECHNOLOGY TEAM Software Architect, DevOps Specialist, Senior Software Engineer
PRICE Pricing varies but it ranges from $2,500 to $40,000 depending on the size of the app and code base

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