Radiology Pathology Viewer

Front-End | Image Processing | Data Engineering | Data Visualization

Large Global Pharma Company

Services Provided

Code Audit, Code Refactoring, Front-end Development, UX/UI Design


The client needed to rebuild and refactor their current medical image viewing software to securely share and easily view various types of medical images to quickly diagnose and study various potential client ailments.

Product End Users
  • Radiologists
  • Pathologists
  • Health Professionals
  • Medical Doctors

The team did a full code and UX audit refactoring various reusable code pieces while modernizing the front end to speed up and polish the user experience.


Angular.js, Karma, SASS, HTML5, TypeScript, OpenSeadragon, Jasmine

Scope, Custom Software & Data Sources

Pathology Viewing, Radiological Image Viewer, Medical Images, Radiology images

Business Impact Highlights

Real time thermal monitoring, Computer Vision Modeling, Image Recognition & Tracking, Monitoring platform to promote employee safety.

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