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Custom Software Development for Fintech

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Custom Software Development for Fintech​
Custom Software Development for Fintech​
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Fintech applications need to protect sensitive user-data and comply with complex regulations. This market also presents one of the most exciting opportunities to leverage emerging ML and AI capabilities. Our teams have experience building fully compliant solutions across a wide range of financial market use cases. 

Whether you want to launch a retail trading app, enable peer-to-peer payments, or automate portfolio management using AI tools, we have experts in place who can quickly build your ideal solution.

What kind of solutions do we build?

  • P2P Payments & Lending 
  • Money Management Systems 
  • Mobile Trading Apps 
  • Management & Administrative Solutions 
  • Banking & Finance Platforms 
  • Blockchain Applications 
  • Analysis & Analytics 
  • AI & ML

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  • Turn your idea into
a Power Project Brief

    Even the best ideas often lack clarity. The vision is there, but not the granular specifics (and clear scope) that’s critical to software success. We fix that. Fast.

  • Match with an expert team

    Using the brief, we’ll match your project with an expert team that has the specific capabilities your project requires.

  • Complete a Workshop

    Create a solid project plan, including product requirements, a scope of work, and a clear idea of project costs and timeline.

  • Kickoff the development process

    Your US-based management team will keep you informed with weekly check-ins, progress reports, and ongoing advice.

  • Go to Market

    Your app is ready to launch! You own the code, and we’re always available for training, support, or future updates.

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