Turn Your Idea into a Plan

Turn a napkin sketch to a fully realized V1 project plan just by answering a few simple questions.

The first draft is always the hardest. Let AI do the heavy lifting to kickstart your project planning.

You’ll end up with a Project Brief you can share with internal stakeholders, potential investors, and our expert Product Advisors who can help polish your report and match you with the right team to build it.

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What They Say

Who This Is For

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Scoping Studio was made for non-technical entrepreneurs and business owners who want to launch a new product or add an app to their business.

It’s great for teams inside of SMB’s or Enterprise firms who want to create new products or tools without using internal dev resources.

Why Use Scoping Studio

Save Time and Get Better Results

Reduce the effort it takes to create a software blueprint and get your project started.

The sooner you start, the sooner your new app can start making a difference in the world.

How Scoping Studio Works

Submit Your App Idea

Answer a few basic questions about your idea, key features, target users, etc., and our system will generate a draft Power Project Brief for you.

No Obligation Consultation

Working with an expert Product Advisor, we’ll help revise your Project Brief to fully match your vision for your app. Your idea is protected with an NDA.

Receive a Proposal

At the end of the Scoping Studio process, we’ll provide a proposal for the project. Accept it and our Ready to Go teams will start work right away.

Sneak Peek

Scoping Studio Project Briefs contain 20+ pages of densely packed information covering every major aspect of your software project.

Generate your free project brief

Not ready yet? Book a call with a Product Advisor first. We can walk you through the process and review the output together.