Validate your business
idea with WordPress

WordPress is the fastest viable path to building your MVP

You have the next great business idea, but instead of throwing all your time and money into it, you need to prove it can work. To get your idea in front of potential customers and investors, you need a minimum viable product (MVP).

So, what resources are you going to put into your MVP? Since it’s an MVP, you need to keep the money and time you spend to a minimum, and WordPress is exactly the tool for that.

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Reduce your initial investment

Hiring a technical team or a software development company is a big investment, which is why you should workshop your idea into an MVP before throwing considerable resources at it. The idea of WordPress as a “blogging platform” is a myth—1/3 of the internet is built on it. WordPress is the fastest and easiest way to build an MVP for the following types of businesses, among others:

  • Online stores
  • Marketplaces
  • Reservations and booking systems
  • E-learning platforms
  • Events and webinars

These platforms are easiest to build on WordPress because it has “building blocks” that contain the ready-made features and plug-ins you need for an MVP.

All the building blocks you need

User Management

WordPress has everything you need for user management built-in, including user registration, login/out, and roles/permissions.

Content Management

WordPress was originally built as a content management system (CMS). Easily manage all the content your customers see, from on-page content, to blog posts and more.


Payments are at the center of your business, and WordPress gives you options on how to collect them. Any payment method is possible, such as integration with payment providers, building an online store, or charging users for access.

For features not pre-built in WordPress, our developers can easily fill the gaps with custom code, but with much less effort than on other platforms—keeping the resources going into building your MVP to a minimum.

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For mobile and web, WordPress is the best for MVPs

Depending on your needs, a mobile app may or may not be necessary for your MVP. Either way, WordPress has you covered. You can build a mobile-friendly web-based app or build a “shell” mobile app that works through the WordPress backend API. Even with the shell app, WordPress has easy-to-use building blocks to create an MVP.
For both web-based and mobile solutions, WordPress is the most efficient solution for your MVP.
Save time

With ready-made building blocks, you can get your MVP ready in weeks instead of months.

Save money

A WordPress MVP can save you from costly mistakes and help you make smarter financial decisions as you work out the kinks.

Gain flexibility

A WordPress MVP gives you the flexibility to easily make tweaks to please investors and customers without re-doing your entire project.

Build your MVP the right way

At Steadynamic, we’re aware that some software dev agencies may encourage you to build everything upfront without properly vetting the concept—potentially causing you to lose money. With our WordPress MVP approach, we do the exact opposite.

We’ll ensure that you take a step-by-step approach with the smallest possible investment. We can also source the right technical talent for your needs at the best price, and oversee the entire process to ensure your project stays on track and achieves your goals. If you’re looking to take a smart, measured approach to building your next idea, we can help.

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