Augmented Reality application for Allergy drug Education and sales training for Global Pharma Company

Virtual Environment | 2D/3D Models | Asset Modeling | VR Asset Creation | Virtual Reality | Design (UI/UX)

Global Pharma Company

Services Provided

Strategy & Discovery Workshops, UX/UI Design, Augmented Reality Design & Development, Mixed Reality Design & Development, Virtual Reality Design and Development, Asset Modeling

Project Challenge

To design & Develop application in AR (Augmented Reality) that uses the product
packaging (packshots) as markers that launch animated and
interactive product presentations. The project aims to increase customer involvement and the knowledge base for pharmacists who want to consolidate their knowledge about medicines and dietary supplements.

Product End Users
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Doctors
  • Pharmaceutical Reps

The team delivered a comprehensive AR & VR application empowering pharmaceutical sales reps and educating pharmacists on newly developed medications and drugs.


Unity, Unreal Engine

Scope, Custom Software & Data Sources

Educational Content, Interactive Hotspots, Product Training, Interactive Tests & Certification, Voice Over, Sales Enablement

Business Impact Highlights

Increase in drug sales, multi-platform functionality, HoloLens compatible, Framework to rapidly add new drugs


$10K - $25K


4 months

VR Environments

Floating Allergy Particles, Product Renders, Home Environment


Oculus Go, Hololens, Oculus Quest 2


Project Manager, Fullstack Developer, UX Designer, XR Developer

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