Online e-learning platform for students and Live Mentors

Web Applications | Mobile | DevOps & Infrastructure | Database | E-Learning

E-Learning platform with live mentors

Services Provided

Web Application Design & Development, Strategy & Discovery Workshops, Product Design (UI/UX), Mobile Development, Cross-platform Mobile Development

Project Challenge

This project goal was to build an e-learning experience for people switching to programming, product design, and UX studies from different backgrounds. In addition a portal for live mentors to be chosen and matched to students.

Product End Users
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Live Mentors
  • Technology professionals

The team delivered a comprehensive educational platform for students aspiring to learn skills in programming, product design, and User Experience supported by a Live mentor portal for students to hone their skills


React.js, .NET, Visual Studio, .Net Core

Scope, Custom Software & Data Sources

Learning & Development, Instant Messaging, E-Learning platform, Learning Management System, On-Demand Platform, Online Scheduling, Video Streaming, Reporting & Dashboard

Business Impact Highlights

Scaled user base outside of time zone, handled hi levels of concurrent users, Increased users, implemented a successful SaaS model

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