Is it time to break up with your development partner?

Trust your gut. If you feel like somethings wrong, it probably is.
Let's Fix It

Know your rights, create a plan, and take back control of your code.

A majority of our clients have had a bad experience with their previous development agency. We've heard it all: missed deliverables, blown budgets, disappearing acts, and in some cases, straight-up fraud.

Building software can be complicated, but it is no different than any other industry—it requires lots of communication and transparency to be successful. If you're not getting that, or worse, your current partner gets insulted when you ask questions, you should consider alternatives. It's time to stop throwing good money after bad and get on a path to protect your code.

We've helped so many clients with this that we productized it: It's called Code Rescue.

Red flags and warning signs: 

Over-promising on abilities

Some agencies will take on any project, regardless of their experience. Instead, find a partner with domain expertise and past work in your industry.

Spending more to go faster

It's counter-intuitive, but adding more developers may not speed up your project. It will, however, add a lot more to your budget without guaranteed results. Right-size your team instead.

No fine print

After discovery, you should have a detailed set of project requirements, timelines, and a budget. This is the only reliable way to measure progress and approve payments.

Obscure project management

You should always have log-in credentials to the project management software. If you don't want that much detail, then ask for a weekly sprint summary.

Restricted access

You should always have access to the code repository that stores your product and learn how to back it up.

Unanswered worries

Never accept being told not to worry about something, or that 'it's under control.' You deserve to know where your project is. Ask for a documented remediation plan if things get off-track.

There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't feel down if you've seen any of these red flags in your project. If you're still committed to completing the work, we'll show you the way to the finish line.
  • 1
    Free consult

    Get on a video call with our experts. We will review your situation, gauge its risks, and outline next steps.

  • 2
    Check list

    You'll receive a checklist of items you'll need to review and gather in order to begin the transition. Don't worry, we're with you every step of the way.

  • 3
    Code audit

    We'll assess and provide a detailed report about the current state of your product, good or bad. We'll also provide you with a project plan and estimate for its completion.

  • 4
    Back on track

    Now that we're moving forward again, you don't need to worry about a thing. We've got everything under control 🙂

Take back your code

We've saved a lot of projects. Let's save yours.