We are a collective of elite software houses and looking for like-minded folks.

We are purpose-driven and believe in conscious capitalism.
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Our network is comprised of elite teams that never compromise on quality.

Teams that qualify must be more than just excellent engineering talent. Our network is based on the pillars of conscious capitalism. Our teams must show they have a clear vision with a higher purpose, a track record of investing in their employees, the desire to go the extra mile for their partners, and a commitment to social impact on a personal, company, city, country, and global level.

Although we don't require our teams to commit to our community principles, we take them very seriously and would prefer teams that believe as we do.

What defines Steadynamic teams? What makes us stand apart?

Our teams adhere to the highest principles and are vetted accordingly.

Net-zero commitmment

Our teams track and account for their carbon footprint. They offset it by buying carbon credits and educating their employees.

Employee empowerment

Our teams invest in their employees through technology training, social impact awareness, health benefits, and diversity training

Social impact initiatives

We ask that each of our software houses commit 1% of their yearly revenue to donate to local causes, either through their own or through the Steadynamic network of foundations, charities, and nonprofits.

Community initiatives

We expect our teams to create community benefits in the form of conferences, webinars, or pro-bono technology support to help the underprivileged.

What are some of the benefits of joining our network

We provide extensive services for the betterment of our network. We are only as strong as our people, so in addition to providing unique projects, engagements, and partnerships, we invest in growing your business.
Marketing services

We have an in-house team to help craft content, repurpose content, and help you with best practices.

Case Study services

All of our teams get guidance on organizing their past and current work. We use this to highlight your company's true value and expertise.

Marketplace of experts

All of our teams get discounted services for marketing, English lessons, content writing, sales training, and marketing.

Team Portal

Our team portal provides you a centralized place to manage your Steadynamic projects, marketing initiatives, case studies, and team.

Dedicated Company Profile

We will provide you with a dedicated profile for your company, key value drivers, and an evolving matching profile to reach your goals.

Software House consulting

Our dedicated specialists will build you a guided plan to reach perfection. We leverage an evolving set of best practices and frameworks.

Joining our network

  • 1
    Complete the Steadynamic Network questionnaire

    We want to make sure you are a good fit, adhere to our principles, and believe in our community and vision.

  • 2
    1-hr qualification call with one of our founders

    After we review your questionnaire, we like to have an introductory call to confirm and officially invite you.

  • 3
    Company onboarding to our talent portal.

    We have a tailored onboarding to our talent portal where you can centralize all of your company information and receive projects.

  • 4
    Receive guidance and qualify for projects

    Once you are onboarded, you get a dedicated account manager to guide you through the process.

Case Study Benefits

All of our teams get a free, 1-page overview of each of their case studies. We work with you to ensure that we know all of your key strengths. In addition, we provide the following:
Single-Page Case Study

Including: Project Challenge, Conclusion Statement, Key Solutions, Custom Software, Scope Analysis, Software Application Types, Business Impact Highlights, Service Analysis

3-5 Page Case Study

We focus on key tasks, challenges, and detailed solutions while telling a story of the whole process. Delivered in multiple formats for internal or external use.

Detailed Sales, Marketing, and Knowledge Profiling

- We do a deep analysis of all the different aspects of your past work.
- We design multiple versions to be attached to estimates, social media posts, etc.
- We anonymize all case studies to ensure privacy

Marketing Services & Programs

We offer a few different ways to get your marketing up to par. We can co-create content with you, rewrite and repurpose existing content through our channels, and pass on best practices.
Co-create Branded Content

We use our content writers and leverage your expertise. After we launch through our channels, can repurpose content for yourself.

Repurposed Content

We take your existing content and rewrite it for our market and channels. If we get a lead or opportunity, you get first right of refusal on the project.

Strategic Marketing Initiatives

We work with you to define and create solutions and packages of services.

Events, Webinars, and Podcasts

We co-create high-level webinars and tap experts from our U.S. partners, network, and clients.

Our Team portal is the first of many tools to help your company grow

We are starting with the talent portal and will be launching various tools and services to grow your business.

Dedicated Portal

A place for your company info, projects, and more:

  • Manage projects
  • Discover unique insights
  • Access U.S. clients

  • Dedicated Portal
  • Intuitive Onboarding

    Easy onboarding for key company information:

    • Marketing & Sales Insights
    • Ideal client persona creation
    • Workshop guidance

  • Intuitive Onboarding
  • Team Concierge

    Dedicated Team Expert at your beck and call:

    • Guided onboarding
    • Subject Matter Expert
    • Expert Consultant

  • Team Concierge
    • Joining our Network is much more than just projects

      We build you a company profile, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and build a path to achieve your goals.
      Full Company Profile

      We highlight your product and venture building expertise.

      Unique matching profiles for targeting clients

      We build a Company matching profile, Project profile, and Strategic growth profile.

      Get in Touch! We look forward to partnering with you!

      1. How long does it take to get onboarded?

      It takes around 4 – 5 hours to get all the information into our portal. We provide you with an onboarding doc and onboarding specialists

      2. I want to become a sustainable net-zero business. What is the path?

      Currently, it is just a “best practices doc,” but in the future, we will have a marketplace of initiatives, consultants, and calculators to simplify the process.

      3. What does working with Steadynamic's clients look like?

      Our clients are predominately U.S.-based and require guidance, management, and consulting on a local level. Our teams work directly with our dedicated Product Owners, Product Managers, and Account managers.

      4. Do you offer direct projects?

      At the moment we do, but rarely. We are launching the DevHouseCollective in February 2021, which will be a way for our clients to work directly with our teams. Check the site regularly for updates.

      5. Am I guaranteed projects?

      We do not guarantee projects, but teams that work closely with us and provide all the relevant data can see anywhere from 2-6 projects per year, ranging from $25K – $250K USD.


      We try to be as transparent as possible. If you have more questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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      Interested in joining our Beta Platform?

      We are building out our Platform that will connect Independent contractors, universities, and corporations to our network of teams. If interested in joining, please let us know.

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