Code Review:
Know Your Code

How is your codebase, really?

When you’re a business owner (and not a developer) it’s tough to get an objective look into the quality of your code. Sometimes, you need professionals to take an independent look and tell you if reality matches your expectations.

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Reasons to get a code review

  • To get an objective look into your codebase so you can make informed decisions
  • To gain an overall understanding of your infrastructure, platforms, and code
  • Something feels “off” with your current agency and you want a second opinion
  • To figure out if you should be hiring more (or new) developers
  • To document your code and technical debt committing to a merge or acquisition
  • To answer the question, “Did I really get what I paid for?”

If one (or more) of these is true for you, an independent code review can help.

Why an Independent Review?

Some dev agencies or internal teams may offer to review their own code for you, but those reviews can be inherently biased and not reveal the true nature of your codebase. An independent standalone review—that is not tied to a sale or the future work of the agency doing the review—is the only way to truly get to the bottom of things.

Not a sale, just the truth

Many agencies use audits and reviews in the sales process to show you what they think is wrong and how they can fix it. This is going to be biased to their specific skills and abilities. Instead of giving you a sales pitch, we provide contextual reports that give you a look at your reality. We’ll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Bigger than compliance

When some people think of a code audit, they think of it as checking a box for compliance. Sure, that’s one type of audit. But we go above and beyond that with a comprehensive and contextual review that finds all your vulnerabilities—not just security issues—but anything that brings risk to your project or system.

Actionable insights

Our code review delivers insights that you can immediately do something with. You’ll be empowered with evidence to make hard decisions such as whether to keep your current agency or start fresh. You’ll also be able to use your report as justification to get C-suite executives to approve development resource requests.

Possible outcomes

Your review will result in one of several possible outcomes and come with information and recommendations that will help you decide on what to do next.
No change

Congrats, your current agency or team is performing well and using the correct best practices.

Small Changes

Your code is pretty good, but here are a handful of small and easy-to-implement changes that can improve it.

Big Changes or Switch Agencies

There are major issues with the code, processes, or system. Either get your agency to make some big changes or find a new partner.

Start Over

Your code is past the point of no return. Use the knowledge you gained on what your product should and shouldn't be to start over with a clean slate.

No Strings Attached

We do code reviews as a standalone service. Any development agency could take your report and understand your current situation and next steps. You can use it with your current agency, a new development partner, or work with us, the choice is yours.

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